Cost Effective Customized Transmission Gearbox by Aluminum Die Cheap Casting Companies Crankcase Cover Holder Case F sales lange

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Procedure: Aluminum die casting & CNC machining & lathing & Surface treatment
Roughness: Ra12.5
Weight CZPT : 0.005kg – 15 kg
Dimension: 4mm – 1200mm
Materials Aluminum Alloy ADC12
Software Used: Pro/E,Auto CAD,Solid work,UG,CAD,CAM
Production Capacity: 6000 tons per year
Samples CZPT Time: 22 working days
Testing offered Chemical Composition Analysis
Machnical Property
Metallograghic Analysis
Magnetic Particle Inspection
3D Inspection
X-ray Detection
Range of parts applied Agricultural machinery
Forestry machinery
Hydraulic Parts
Other industry
Service offered   Casting designing
Casting production
CNC precision machining
Heat treatment
Surface finish,such as Zinc plating,Painting, Sandblasting, Painting
All kinds inspection
Direct communication in Chinese, English or Japanese
Our Advantages Rapid prototype within 15 working days to 22 working days
Fast delivery,by using automatic lines for high volumes orders and using manual lines for small orders
Joint work to optimize the desgin of casting, combined the function and casting production,to reduce the weight and costs.
Rich experience in casting production and low scrap rate and stable quality
Wide range of material  can be casted
One stop CZPT made service
Competitive Price