Hydraulic Motor Mower Gearbox and Gear Box for Hole Cost Digger Auger Ge price arbox

Product Description

The CZPT of the lawn mower driven by hydraulic motor is a new type of CZPT independently developed by HangZhou sifang machinery factory according to the requirements of CZPT ers. This lawn mower is suitable for a variety of hydraulic motors. The input end face and input shaft can select the corresponding hydraulic motor according to the CZPT of the CZPT er. The shape of the input face is rhombic four-threaded hole connection, two-threaded hole connection, square four-threaded hole connection, rectangular spline, involute spline, single key and other forms.

The CZPT is connected to the machine body of the lawn mower with a diameter of 133 mm, a diameter of 17 mm and a diameter of 171.2 mm

The CZPT is connected with the tool holder of the lawn mower by the number of taper involute spline teeth, and the diameter pitch is 5/10, 4/8 according to the user’s requirements