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Product Description

This right angle CZPT is designed for simple ‘snap fit’ diameter mounting in rotary cutters and manure pumps. Design feature include industrial quality machine cut gear teech and high alloy steel heat treated shafts in amalleable iron housing. Input is through a torque limiter or sheae pin with output through a hub and taper root spline shaft. Anti-fricition bearings improve the service life of the unit. This gearbox is speed increansing box. 

Power 24-45hp(18-32kw)
Ratio 1.92:1 or 1.47:1
Input speed 540rpm   or    1000rpm
Gears Taper gear
Bearings Deep Groove Ball
Input shaft 1-3/8′ round shaft with a 10 mmhole
Output shaft taper root spline shaft with a hub
Oil cap 27 oz(or 0.8L)
Weight 23kg