OEM Transmission Gearbox for Agriculture Mac supplier hine La manufacturer wn Mower

Product Description

CZPT Transmission Gearbox for CZPT CZPT Lawnmower


model Nominal ratio 15:1 Nominal ratio 25:1 weight
  Actual Ratio Maximum Input  rpm Maximum Ouput  rpm Actual Ratio Maximum Input  rpm Maximum Ouput  rpm  
2 14.04 1974 140 23.37 1994 85 58
3 14.87 2083 140 24.75 2100 85 98
4 15.13 2118 140 24.38 2072 85 139
5 15.4 1925 125 25.56 2044 80 207
6 15.34 1916 125 25.14 2571 80 285
7 15.23 1827 120 24.84 1863 75 462
8 15.08 1809 120 24.62 1847 75 633
9 15.12 1814 120 25.66 1925 75 760

OEM ODM Worm Gearbox for Agricultur CZPT Lawn Mower

HangZhou CZPT TEC CZPT Gearbox which is made with excellent quality of raw materials.These agriculture gearboxes are CZPT in fifferent design and size as CZPT er’s requirements.Our products are highly effective,efficient and also durable.We provide CZPT products after many quality check of it every production stages.



Q1: I want to buy your products, how can I pay?

A: You can pay via T/T(30%+70%), L/C ,D/P.

Q2: How can you guarantee the quality?

A: One year’s warranty against B/L date. If you meet with quality problem, please send us pictures or video to check, we promise to send spare parts or new products to replace. Our guarantee not include inappropriate operation or wrong specification selection.

Q3: How we select models and specifications?

A: You can email us the series code (for example: RC series CZPT cal gearbox) as well as requirement details, such as motor CZPT , output speed or ratio, service factor or your application…as much data as possible. If you can supply some pictures or drawings, it is nice.

Q4: If we don’t find what we want on your website, what should we do?

A: We offer two options:

1, You can email us the pictures, drawings or descriptions details. We will try to design your products on the basis of CZPT standard models.

2, Our R&D department is professional for CZPT /ODM products by drawing/samples, you can send us samples, we do CZPT ized design for your bulk purchasing.

Q5: Can we buy 1 pc of each item for quality testing?

A: Yes, we are glad to accept trial order for quality testing

Q6: How about your product delivery time?

A: Normally for 20’container, it takes 25-30 workdays for worm and cycloid gearbox, 35-40 workdays for CZPT cal gearbox.