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near me shop RC 100 Skid Steer Mower Rotary Cutter Gear Cheap box with 1-3/8″ 6 Spline

Product Description

RC 100 Skid Steer Mower  Rotary Cutter Gearbox With 1-3/8″ 6 Spline

150 HP rating
1:!.46 ratio
1 3/8 6A spline input shaft
15 tooth taper spline output shaft
Reverse rotation from 251083
88 pounds
Oil free shipment (need 80W-90 gear oil)

The CZPT Gear RC-100 is a 50-150 HP, right-angle CZPT for a wide variety of applications. The horsepower rating depends on the implementation and its intended use. A gearbox can cover a wide range of HP ratings, just as it can cover a wide range of uses. Because it is so widely used, it is impossible to list all of its applications. A real CZPT gear section will have an ID tag listing the 6-digit assembly number. This number allows us to match accurate ratings and configure your gearbox to ensure accurate CZPT replacement parts. All CZPT gear RC series transmissions come with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer’s defects. Please contact us for any questions relating to your CZPT gear parts. Thank you very much.


Our Factory:

1. Shell: made of high rigidity fc-25 cast iron;
2. Gear: high purity alloy steel 20crmnt is used for quenching and tempering, carburizing, quenching and grinding;
3. Spindle: high purity alloy steel 40Cr quenching and tempering processing, with high hanging load capacity.
4. CZPT : equipped with tapered roller bearing with heavy load capacity;
5. Oil seal: imported double lip oil seal, with the ability of dust and oil leakage.
Product lubrication:
The use of proper lubricating oil for t spiral bevel gear commutator can give full play to the efficiency of the steering gear and improve its service life.
1. The initial wear period is two weeks or 100-200 hours. There may be a small amount of metal wear particles between them. Please clean the interior and replace it with new lubricating oil;
2. In case of CZPT -term use, change the lubricating oil every half a year or 1000-2000 hours.
Technical parameters of T spiral bevel gear commutator:
It can be equipped with single horizontal axis, double horizontal axis, single vertical axis and double vertical axis 1:5, 1:5, 1:1, 1:5, 1:5, 1:1

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Company Profile:
Also I would like to take this opportunity to give a brief introduction of CZPT CZPT -Power company:

Our company is a CZPT manufacturer of agriculture gearbox,worm reduce gearbox, PTO shafts, CZPT s ,rollar chains, bevel gear, pulleys and racks in CZPT .

We have exported many products to CZPT CZPT ers all over the world, we have CZPT -time experience and strong technology support. 

-Ø Our Company with over twelve year’s history and 1000 workers and 20 sales.
-Ø With over 100 Million USD sales in 2017
-Ø With CZPT machinery equipments
-Ø With large work capacity and high quality control, ISO certified.

You also can check CZPT website to know for more details, if you need CZPT products catalogue, please contact with us.