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China supplier Zlyj-280-16 Hot Sale Vertical Anisotropic Single Screw Plastic and Rubber Extruder Gearbox car gearbox

Product Description


Product Description

This gearbox is designed for plastic extrusion machine. It  meet JB/T9040-1999 standard.  The gear is made of high-strength alloy steel and hardened by carburizing and quenching. The accuracy of grinding teeth is higher than Level 6 and the hardness is HRC 54-62. In the front of output shaft,we assemble a thrust bearing with  high safety factor to bear the extrusion pressure of screw.

Detailed Photos


Loading capacity sheet of CHINAMFG and ZSYJ reduction gearboxes
Spec     * * * * * * * * * * * *
112 133 146 173 200 225 250 280 315 330 375 395 420 450 500 560 630 450 560 530
-8 -8 -10 -12.5 -12.5 -16 -16 -16 -16 -16 -16 -16 -16 -12 -20 -20 -20 -32 -57 -44
Normal input power(kw) n=1500rpm
Ordinary reliable 15 22 30.8 39 55 75 82.5 116 171 _ 260 300 315 332 450 600 825 240 240 370
High reliable 10 15 18.3 30.8 45 60 67 75 116 207 207 240 250 266 350 550 675 200 220 315
  Allowable output torque(N.m)
Ordinary reliable 800 1165 1962 2484 4379 6568 7643 11822 17427 _ 26497 3571 32102 38599 5571 76433 105095 48917 87134 103694
High reliable 525 764 1165 1962 3583 5334 6306 7643 11822 21000 21096 24380 25478 33885 44566 70063 85978 40764 79873 88280

Recommended parameters of single-screw extruder machine reduction gearbox(Optional)
Type Spec. Power/Kw Speed-Input Speed-Output Load torque/N.m Axial force/KN Screw diameter Length-Diameter Ratio
ZLYJ 112-8 5.5 800 100 525 35 less than 35 25:1
113-8 6 800 100 764 39 50 25:1
146-10 11 1000 100 1050 54 55 25:1
173-10 18.5 900 90 1962 110 65 25:1
200-12.5 30 1000 80 3581 155 75 25:1
225-12.5 45 1000 80 5371 180 90 25:1
250-16 55 1120 70 7503 192 105 25:1
280-16 75 960 60 7643 258 110 25:1
315-16 85 960 60 13528 287 120 25:1
330-16 110 960 60 17528 360 135 25:1
375-16 132 960 60 21008 390 150 25:1
395-16 185 960 60 29442 400 160 25:1
420-16 160/220 960 60 31831 430 160/170
450-20 213 1000 60 40640 500 180 25:1
500-20 220 1000 50 42571 550 180 25:1
560-17 440 1000 50 84034 700 200 25:1
630-10 540 1000 50 15712 770 250 25:1
ZSYJ 450-32 200 1500 47 4 0571 500 165 25:1
560-57 220 1500 26 80802 700 190 25:1

Company Profile

Zhe jiang yifan gear box group CO., LTD was set up in 1970. It specializes in developing and producing small and medium-sized marine gearboxes, plastic extruder slowdown bins, Z4 DC motors,generators and so on.There are mainly 300 moreproduction equipments,including more than60 big,fine and expensive ones. The area of our company is 110, 000 square meters.There are 350 staff,and 25%of the total number are the middle and senior technical members. Since the venture,we commit toresearching and developing new products,and keeping improving the technology. We pay great attention to the after-salesservice. All of these efforts increase the developing footsteps of our company. We have strong technical strength , sophisticatedprocessing equipments,advanced products detection equipments,and own a complete security system including productsdesigned,mechanical processing,unit assembly,testing before coming out from the factory and after-sales service. Ourproducts have passed the ISO9001 Quality System Certification.





Our Advantages

1: High transmission efficiency
2: Smooth operation and low noise
3: Small size and high carrying capacity.
4: Easy to disassemble and easy to install.


Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are factory.

Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock.

Q: Can we buy 1 pc of each item for quality testing?
A: Yes, we are glad to accept trial order for quality testing.

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Application: Machinery
Function: Speed Reduction
Layout: Coaxial
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Step: Double-Step
US$ 500/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample

mover gearbox

Repair or Replacement of a Mower Gearbox

Whether a mower gearbox can be repaired or needs to be replaced depends on the extent of the damage and the condition of the gearbox components. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Minor Issues: If the gearbox is experiencing minor issues such as a leaking seal, damaged gasket, or a loose bolt, these problems can often be repaired without the need for a full replacement.
  • Worn Gears or Bearings: If the gears or bearings are worn or damaged, they can sometimes be replaced individually, especially if the rest of the gearbox is in good condition.
  • Severe Damage: If the gearbox housing is cracked, the gears are severely damaged, or the entire unit is extensively worn, a replacement gearbox might be the more cost-effective solution.
  • Cost of Repairs: Sometimes, the cost of repairing multiple components in a gearbox can be close to the cost of a new gearbox. In such cases, it might make more sense to opt for a replacement.
  • Age of the Mower: If the mower itself is old and the gearbox is showing signs of wear, it might be worth considering whether it’s more economical to invest in a new mower with a new gearbox.

It’s recommended to consult a professional mechanic or technician who specializes in mower repairs. They can assess the extent of the damage, provide you with repair and replacement options, and help you make an informed decision based on the specific situation.

mover gearbox

Differences between Manual and Automatic Mower Gearboxes

Manual and automatic mower gearboxes differ in their operation, control, and convenience:

  • Operation: Manual gearboxes require the user to engage and disengage gears manually using a clutch or lever. Automatic gearboxes, on the other hand, change gears automatically based on speed and load conditions.
  • Control: Manual gearboxes provide more direct control over gear selection, allowing the user to choose the appropriate gear for specific tasks. Automatic gearboxes, however, offer a hands-free experience with gear changes managed by the gearbox itself.
  • Convenience: Automatic gearboxes are more convenient for users who prefer a hassle-free experience. They eliminate the need to manually shift gears, making operation simpler and more user-friendly.
  • Complexity: Automatic gearboxes are more complex in design compared to manual ones due to the presence of sensors, electronic controls, and additional components required for automatic shifting.
  • Efficiency: Manual gearboxes can provide better control over power delivery and may be more efficient in certain situations. However, automatic gearboxes optimize gear changes for fuel efficiency and performance.
  • Cost: Automatic gearboxes are generally more expensive to manufacture and repair due to their complexity. Manual gearboxes are simpler and often more affordable.

The choice between manual and automatic mower gearboxes depends on user preference, the level of control desired, and the intended use of the mower. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages, and the decision should be based on the user’s needs and priorities.

mover gearbox

Role of a Mower Gearbox

A mower gearbox is a crucial component in various types of mowers and lawn maintenance equipment. Its primary role is to transfer power from the mower’s engine to the cutting blades, enabling the blades to rotate and perform the cutting or mulching action. Mower gearboxes are designed to handle the specific requirements of mowing tasks, providing the necessary torque and speed conversion to effectively cut grass, weeds, and other vegetation.

The key functions of a mower gearbox include:

  • Power Transmission: The mower gearbox transfers power generated by the engine to the cutting blades. This power transmission is necessary to rotate the blades at the required speed for efficient cutting.
  • Torque Conversion: Mower gearboxes are designed to convert the high-speed, low-torque output of the engine into the high-torque, low-speed rotation required by the cutting blades.
  • Blade Synchronization: In mowers with multiple cutting blades, the gearbox ensures that all blades rotate at the same speed and remain synchronized. This ensures an even and consistent cutting pattern.
  • Adjustable Cutting Height: Many mower gearboxes are equipped with mechanisms that allow operators to adjust the cutting height of the blades. This feature enables users to customize the lawn’s appearance and accommodate different grass lengths.
  • Direction Control: Some mower gearboxes are designed to provide the ability to switch between forward and reverse directions, allowing the mower to navigate obstacles or change mowing patterns.

Mower gearboxes are available in various designs and configurations to suit different types of mowers, such as rotary mowers, flail mowers, reel mowers, and more. They play a crucial role in ensuring efficient and effective lawn maintenance by delivering the power and torque needed to achieve clean and even cuts.

China supplier Zlyj-280-16 Hot Sale Vertical Anisotropic Single Screw Plastic and Rubber Extruder Gearbox   car gearbox	China supplier Zlyj-280-16 Hot Sale Vertical Anisotropic Single Screw Plastic and Rubber Extruder Gearbox   car gearbox
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China Good quality Gearbox of CZPT Horizontal Single Screw Extruder supplier

Product Description

Gearbox of CZPT Horizontal Single Screw Extruder


Technical data


Product Name  Gearbox of CZPT Horizontal Single Screw Extruder
Power 0.12KW~160KW    
Torque 1.4N · m ~ 36600N · m   
Output speed 0.06 ~ 1090r/min
Gear material 20CrMnTi alloy steel
Gear Processing   Grinding finish by HOFLER Grinding Machines
Noise Test Below 65dB
Brand of bearings C&U bearing, ZWZ,LYC, HRB, CZPT ,etc
Brand of oil seal NAK or other brand
Temp. rise (MAX) 40ºC  
Temp. rise (Oil)(MAX 50ºC  
Vibration ≤20µm
Housing hardness HBS190-240
Surface hardness of gears HRC58°~62 °
Gear core hardness HRC33~40
Machining precision of gears 5 Grade
Lubricating oil GB L-CKC220-460, Shell Omala220-460
Heat treatment Carburizing, Quenching etc
Efficiency 95%~96% (depends on the transmission stage)
Bearing output mode parallel output 
Installation type and output mode Bottom seated type  flange type installation, solid,hollow shaft output.
Input mode Direct motor, shaft input and connecting flange input
Input Method Flange input(AM), shaft input(AD), inline AC motor input, or AQA servo motor


Installation Instructions


Company Profile





Packaging & Shipping



Q 1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A: We are a professional manufacturer specializing in manufacturing various series of reducer.

Q 2:Can you do OEM?
A:Yes, we can. We can do OEM for all the customers .if you want to order NON-STANDERD speed reducers,pls provide Drafts, Dimensions, Pictures and Samples if possible.

Q 3: How long is your warranty?
A: Our Warranty is 12 months under normal circumstances.

Q 4: Do you have inspection procedures for reducer?
A:100% self-inspection before packing.

Q 5: Can I have a visit to your factory before the order?
A: Sure, welcome to visit our factory.

Q 6:How to choose a gearbox? What if I don’t know which gear reducer I need?
A:You can refer to our catalogue to choose the gearbox or we can help to choose when you provide,the technical information of required output torque, output speed and motor parameter etc. Don’t worry, Send as much information as you can, our team will help you find the right 1 you are looking for.

Q 7: What information shall we give before placing a purchase order?
A:a) Type of the gearbox, Size , Transmission Ratio, input and output type, input flange, mounting position, motor information and shaft deflection etc. b)Housing color.c) Purchase quantity. d) Other special requirements

Q 8:What is the payment term?
A:You can pay via T/T(30% in advance as deposit before production +70% before delivery



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Application: Motor, Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Industrial Automation Equipment, Chemical Industry
Function: Distribution Power, Change Drive Torque, Speed Changing, Speed Reduction
Layout: Coaxial


Customized Request

.shipping-cost-tm .tm-status-off{background: none;padding:0;color: #1470cc}

Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.


Choosing an Agricultural Gearbox

When it comes to choosing an agricultural gearbox, you may be wondering which one is right for you. The right gearbox for your tractor is important for several reasons. Here are some factors to consider. This article will provide an overview of these components. These parts include the Bevel gearbox, the Surface finish, Ellipticity, Bearings, and more. CZPT P/L offers a range of gearboxes for many different agricultural applications. The company’s PTO Speed Reducer/Increaser is specially designed to maintain the original rotation of PTO output.

Bevel gearboxes

Agricultural bevel gearboxes have high load capacity, making them an excellent choice for heavy-duty machines. Bevel gearing is also popular in mechanical transmission systems, such as those found on tractor transmission systems. Modern harvesters and other agricultural equipment require high-performance gearboxes to maintain efficient performance. To meet these requirements, agricultural equipment OEMs trust the Bevel gearboxes manufactured by CZPT Gearbox Company.
Unlike conventional worm gears, bevel gears use multiple shafts to transmit power. The bevel gears have three types of shafts, namely, hollow, projecting, and double-extended. In addition to being hollow, bevel gears can have additional shafts installed opposite the input shaft. They are available in a standard mount, aluminum housing, and three shaft types: double-extended, hollow, and projecting.
Agricultural bevel gearboxes are typically made from closed-grain cast-iron, although higher-sized models are made from SG 500/7 material. The screw is made from Cr-Mo medium carbon steel, which is hardened and tempered to maintain high core strength. A tapered roller bearing is mounted in the housing and is designed to carry heavy axial and radial loads. These gearboxes are also widely used in mixing, distribution, and cleaning machinery.
Bevel gearboxes for agricultural equipment are primarily used in agricultural machinery applications. Agricultural machinery often uses a PTO to transmit torque, but can only provide it at low speeds. Because of this, gearboxes are used for low-speed, massive-torque applications. Soil preparation and crop treatment are two common uses for these gearboxes. They are also useful in cement mixers.

Surface finish

In engineered gearboxes, the surface finish of the gear tooth surfaces is critical for smooth operation. Microscopic examination of gear tooth surfaces reveals a fine, unidirectional pattern. Traditionally used finishing methods include hob shaving, gear grinding, and honing. These techniques can improve the overall finish, but they also have their drawbacks. To overcome these problems, manufacturers use modern machine tooling techniques.
Agricultural gearboxes must be free from casting defects and mechanical damage. The processing surface must be flawless, with the ellipticity of the shaft hole no greater than 0.02 mm, and the centerline unevenness of the shaft holes is less than 0.015 mm. The relationship between shafts and bearing housing must be within 0.6 mm. These standards are crucial for the operation of agricultural machinery gearboxes.
Earlier, the gears were made of H11 and H13 tool steel, which progressively weakened after 20 gears. The tempering temperature is five to seven degrees Celsius or ten degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the steel used. To address this problem, Alloy 718 was developed. The alloy improved the life of die inserts, which reduced the overall cost. Further, the improved surface finish of agricultural gearboxes helped the customers reduce operating costs.


A number of tasks require the use of an agricultural gearbox. These tasks can range from gardening to maintaining green spaces. These gearboxes transmit power from the input shaft to the output shaft, facilitating the change in direction, speed, or rotation. A quality gearbox is vital for the performance of agricultural machinery. Consider the type of operation you will be performing before buying one. You will also need to decide whether you will lubricate it.
An CZPT P/L Gearbox is one of their products. The company offers a full line of agricultural gearboxes at competitive prices. These gearboxes are designed to reduce input shaft speed and increase the PTO speed. The PTO Speed Reducer/Increaser is specially designed for this application. It helps maintain the original rotation of the PTO output shaft. It is suitable for various agricultural applications, including harvesters, balers, and cultivators.
An agricultural gearbox has an elliptic nature. It rotates around an axle core 90 degrees to create a bias state. The axle core of an agricultural gearbox rotates at a 90-degree angle to keep the shaft of the farming arbor in a neutral state. The bias state reduces the rotary driving force and reduces the amount of energy used in the operation. If a gearbox is designed correctly, it will keep a desired rotation torque.


Agricultural gearboxes require high-quality bearings, and the global market is undergoing a transformation as more agricultural equipment becomes mechanized. The demand for bearings in agricultural equipment is expected to increase in the future, as cropping cycles will become shorter, and machinery will be used more intensively. Consequently, the wear on agricultural gear teeth and bearings will increase. This will result in a higher replacement rate for these parts.
Agricultural gearboxes must be able to withstand the high demands placed on them by the mounted farming implements. Harrows are a common example, and their disc-shaped attachments work to mix the top layer of soil. Because of their high demands, they must rotate continuously, and no matter what the terrain, they must be easy to run. Moreover, customised bearings will provide better seals.
In a study of 53 different agricultural gearboxes conducted by CZPT UK, they simulated 73 gear selections to find the right type of bearing. The simulation model took four weeks to set up and seven hours to run. As a result, CZPT always selects the “best bearing for the job” – a fitting solution. As such, CZPT understands the end user’s needs.

Quality of materials

Agricultural gearboxes play a vital role in the production of food. With the world’s population increasing, the need for food will also increase, and that means a greater need for efficient gearboxes. To make this happen, gearboxes must be able to withstand a variety of environmental conditions, including high and low temperatures, operation in arid and moist environments, and safety regulations.
A bevel gearbox has spiral bevel pinions that transmit rotational power to the axle. It is used in a variety of agricultural applications and is available in a range of ratios, horsepower, and configurations. This right-angle gear drive is widely used in portable grain elevators and grain carts. It has a 15-mm shaft diameter and is compatible with offset rotary fillers and hollow output shafts.
The gear box of a tractor is usually made of grey cast iron. Grey cast iron is a great choice for this component because it provides good wear resistance and vibration dampening. Belt pulleys are also made from grey cast iron. Large belt pulleys are made by casting processes. Similarly, the brake drum material needs to be high-quality to be effective. It is generally made of grey iron ASTM A48 Class 35.
China Good quality Gearbox of CZPT Horizontal Single Screw Extruder   supplier China Good quality Gearbox of CZPT Horizontal Single Screw Extruder   supplier
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in Safaqis Tunisia sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier High-Alloy Stainless Steel Rotary Screw Air Compressor Part manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Safaqis Tunisia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier High-Alloy Stainless Steel Rotary Screw Air Compressor Part manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

Hangzhou EPG Co.,Ltd. , was established in November, 1997. With its five wholly owned subsidiaries. EPG is a professional producer and exporter that is worried with the design, advancement and creation. Our products are produced by modern day computerized equipment and products.

EPT-Alloy stainless Steel rotary screw air compressor components

Images of our rotor screw compressor:

Twin rotor screw compressor airend Programs :
Air compressor beEPTTs to EPTT products, as the second premier EPTT supply is also the approach fuel source with multiple employs, broadly utilized in mining, iron and steel, electric EPTT, metallurgy, shipbuilding, electronics, petroleum, chemical industry, ligEPTT sector, EPTTry production, meals and medicine, transportation faXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ties, shipping and delivery docks, casting coating, auto industry, aerospace, army EPT, infrastructure and so on fields.
Tearn rotor screw primary EPTT rewards:
Twin rotor screw airend is the primary portion of the twin screw compressor.
Our twin rotor screw principal EPTT is designed and created by the globe well-known maker, undertake the most EPTd EPT, make certain the rigorous high quality control and operating dependability, zero failure fee and very minimal maintenance EPT, very EPTT making use of existence.
The main screw rotor EPTT adopt most EPTd twin screw rotor profile creating, rotor EPT ratio of 5:six, robust rigidity and huge successful compression place. Adopting high experienced heavy-obligation bearing design and style make certain operating stability. The major screw EPTT undertake tough layout and higher-quality alloy metal content in production, can use extremely EPTT time. The major screw EPTT adopt triple-lip seal sort with a oil-returning chute, the interior double lip seal is as the main seal elements, and the external seal portion prevent the returning oil from leakage, and prevent the dust into the in web site, this triple-lip seal make certain the screw major EPTT no oil leakage phenomenon.

Parameters of our twin screw compressor Air end main EPTT:

Design CA093D CA116D CA147D CA181D CA181G CA226D CA226G CA268D CA268G
EPTT 5.five-22kw fifteen-37kw thirty-55kw fifty five-110kw 55-110kw ninety-200kw ninety-200kw a hundred and sixty-355kw 160-355kw
Air movement four.0m3/min six.5m3/min eleven.5m3/min 21m3/min 21m3/min 38m3/min 38m3/min 55m3/min 55m3/min
Max. velocity of large rotor 6500rpm 6000rpm 5000rpm 4500rpm / 4000rpm / 3600rpm /
Pushed rotor velocity / / / / 3550rpm / 3550rpm / 3550rpm
one hundred ten ordmC 110 ordmC 110 ordmC 110 ordmC one hundred ten ordmC one hundred ten ordmC 110 ordmC one hundred ten ordmC one hundred ten ordmC
Max. pressure 16bar 16bar 16bar 16bar 16bar 16bar 16bar 16bar 16bar
Bodyweight 48kg 70kg 137kg 280kg 305kg 500kg 580kg 750kg 865kg

Our factory and workshop:

Soon after income provider for our air screw compressor solution:
1. Delivering specialist air compression plan creating for free.
2. Providing our manufacturing unit unique EPTT areas at lowest price tag following EPTT sales.
3. Supplying coaching and direction for free of charge, customers can ship their personnel to our manufacturing facility to understand how to run the EPTTs.
four. Warranty time period: the screw principal EPTT is one particular calendar year, the bearing is one calendar year, the wear areas of air consumption valve, electric factors, electromagnetic valve, fee valve are six months
five. The air filter, oil filter, oil-drinking water separator, lubricating oil, rubber areas and etc. are not incEPTTd in guarantee variety.

Certification and patents of our air compressor

Q1: Are you factory or trade company?
A1: We are manufacturing facility.
Q2: Warranty terms of your EPTT?
A2: One yr guarantee for the EPTT and specialized assistance according to your requirements.
Q3: Will you offer some spare areas of the EPTTs?
A3: Sure, of training course.
This fall: How EPTT will you consider to arrange generation?
A4: 380V 50HZ we can shipping and delivery the products inside of twenty times. Other voltage we will shipping within 30 times.
Q5: Can you take OEM orders?
A5: Indeed, with skilled style staff, OEM orders are very welcome!

  in Safaqis Tunisia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier High-Alloy Stainless Steel Rotary Screw Air Compressor Part manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Safaqis Tunisia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier High-Alloy Stainless Steel Rotary Screw Air Compressor Part manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

in Ndola Zambia sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Pipe Application and Charging Screw Design Extrusion manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Ndola Zambia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Pipe Application and Charging Screw Design Extrusion manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

Services & Top quality controlWe provide comprehensive drawings and offer anytime required. The high exact CNC equipment, these kinds of as Slow-feeding wire-reduce device, jig grinding machine and electrical discharge device, assures the top good quality precision of mould processing, with the substantial effective and environmental protection acid rolling line currently being the largest uncooked content changing products in the field in china The wildly use of automated milling equipment, substantial-pace computerized feeding punch, large velocity automated rolling and assembling equipment assures the large quality and effectiveness of elements and chain making. We are aiming to meet up with the calls for of the clientele about the planet.. EPT Software and charging screw design extrusion

Main parameters colon

screw diameter Phi20- Phi500mm
MaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum screw size 10000mm
Barrel interior bore diameter Phi500mm

Materail A period 38crmoala in high good quality
B period of time alloy metal in high quality
EPTT A interval nitriding therapy
B time period alloy coating spraying
C interval heating treatment
D interval screw totally hardening
E time period EPT quenching
F colon electroplate tough chrome
EPTnical parameter A colon depth of nitrition layer colon period6- period8mm
B colon nitriding remedy for seven day and evening comma area hardness HV gt900
C colon fragility of nitriding colon considerably less than grade 1
D colon surface area roughness colon ra0 period4um
E colon streightness of screw colon period015mm
F colon depth of bimetallic layer gt2mm
G colon hardness of alloy platig colon EPTC sixty two-72
H colon surface area of hardness of chrome coating layer colon EPTC sixty two-seventy two
I colon thickness of chrome coating layer colon period03- period06mm

The principal edge of screw barrel colon
A time period Innovative Nitriding EPTT
B interval Anti-corrosion and Use-resisting Duplex EPT EPT EPTnoloy
C period We employs EPTT alloy powders getting sprayed and welded on the screw aposs ridge comma and utilizes distinct alloy and welding techniques for the screw of various capabilities period

Why choose us quest
A gt EPTT time knowledge and heritage
B gt EPTT time nitriding treatment and heating remedy by by itself
C gtEPTd Fanuk collection CNC computer-controlled milling EPTTs
D gtdepth hole drilling EPTT in 10meters duration comma which make certain the straigtnss of barrel within interval
E gt CAD drawing affirmation before start creating
F gt Prompt soon after sale service
G gtLand owner and registration funds twenty five comma 000 comma 000RMB
Remarks colon We can design and manufacture numerous kinds of screw barrels in accordance to the buyer aposs requirement

What is the EPTT quest

1 rpar EPTen situation bundle
two rpar Plastic movie bundle
three rpar Suitable to transportation
four rpar As buyer request
five rpar 1 piece into one deal

FAQ colon

Q colon What are we quest
A colon We are manufacturing facility comma with license of EPTT and export products by ourself period

Q semi How to get to us quest
A colon The nearest airport is HangEPT airport comma and the nearest practice station is HangEPT station time period

Q colon How do we handle the high quality of screw barrel quest
A colon We have skilled engineer and staffs to check each depth and dimensions from the uncooked materail comma nitrding treatment and tremendous grinding time period We do the essential nitriding treatment method by ourself comma we have nitriding ovens in depth8000mm comma and do nitriding treatment in eight daEPTTand evenings comma which significantly make sure the hardness of screw barrel period

Workplace colon
EPTT EPTT plastic EPTTry co time period commaltd is positioned in HangEPT HangEPT metropolis with model of PYM lparFormer HangEPT XiHu (West EPT) Dis. EPTT screw co periodltd given that 1988 rpar time period The company is EPTTized in creating screw barrel comma EPTT zlyj collection comma t die comma filter and extruder EPTT interval It has become a single of the greatest supplier of major parts in HangEPT city which is the basement of plastic EPTTs time period

It owns a lot of personal computer-handle CNC milling EPTTs in duration 8000mm In Fanuk
series comma18000mm size deep gap drilling EPTT and other EPTd products period
EPTT time nitriding remedy for 7days and nights greatly guarantee the hardness and life time of its merchandise period In the meantime comma the company and its goods have passed evaluation by SGS organization comma Bureau of Veritas comma Tuv and Ce certification time period

Waiting for your inquiry periodWelcome to go to our business time period

  in Ndola Zambia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Pipe Application and Charging Screw Design Extrusion manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Ndola Zambia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Pipe Application and Charging Screw Design Extrusion manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

in Padang Indonesia sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Single Screw Extruder Plastic HDPE LDPE PE Gas Pipe Extruder Production Line manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Padang Indonesia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Single Screw Extruder Plastic HDPE LDPE PE Gas Pipe Extruder Production Line manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

If you require any data or samples, make sure you make contact with us and you will have our shortly reply. Complete use has been produced of all varieties of superior methods and technologies to achieve excelsior manufacturing. we supply a single-stop remedy for the buy of mechanical electrical power transmission items in China. Solitary screw extruEPTTplastic EPTTPE/LDPE/PE Gas Pipe extruEPTTproduction line

Plastic EPTTPE Gas Pipe Extruder is mostly employed in the production of agricultural drainage, drinking water provide and Fuel supply purposes. The unit is composed of single extruder EPTT, mold, EPTT forming tank, multi-claw haul-off EPTT, planetary(chipless/non-dust cutter) reducing EPTT, stacker and so on. And the line can be outfitted with Comptroller thickening instrument or pc ink-EPTT printer, and many others. to attain the creation and manufacture of large-quality tubing.

Great advantages:
one. High lineal extrusion pace, huge capacity and low EPTT use, and achieved multi-levels co-extrusion with 1-five layers.

2. The copper bush is far more dress in-resisting and avert content leakage which can guarantee a steady operating of extruder.

3. EPTT feed by way of spiral groove, successful EPTT and can effectively minimize again-stress on extruder.

four. Unique style (barrier, shearing and miXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ng zone) guarantees a uniformed plasticizing result, and can lessen the strain on the screw which ensures a higher velocity and steady output capability.

five. Substantial torque EPTT box has a smart figuration, compact construction, low sounds, higher carrying capability, higher EPTT effectiveness can assure EPTT-time trouble-free operation
6. PCA(pipe air cooling technique) of die head mostly increase the extrusion speed and decrease the cooling size of extrusion line, and enhance good quality of interior pipe surface area
7. Intelligent PLC managing method with XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.n-welcoming interface make the procedure effortlessly and conveniently
8. Chip-free cutter ensuing flat and sleek cutting surface area of pipe.

Operate stream and comprehensive details :

FeeEPTT #8226 To feed substance into extruder
Extruder #8226 EPTT popular model EPTT component these kinds of as EPTT,Schneider, ABB and so forth
#8226 Large torque EPTT with adopts NSK/SKF bearing
#8226 EPTT/WEG original motor achieved EPTT soon after services
#8226 Bimetallic screw and barrel
#8226 Clever PLC controlling method with XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.n-helpful interface.
Die head #8226 40Cr content
#8226 Comprehensive set incEPTT extrusion die head, Slotting amp drinking water ring type calibration sleeve
#8226 Use to PE/PP, co-extrusion, multi-levels co-extrusion and so on
Vacuum calibration tank #8226 IncEPTT complete set of EPTT and h2o pump
#8226 length from 6m-9m
Haul off #8226 Upper and decrease EPT is EPTTn separately by the frequency inverter
#8226 Fast adjust sort pads
Cutter #8226 Tracking cutter or Non-dust cutter, Blade rotates all around pipe and lower off pipe with easy surface area.
#8226 Synchronous manage
Stacker #8226 Stainless metal 304 as touching material
#8226 Discharge driving by air cylinder

EPTT Parameter:

Diameter variety(mm) Extruder product Max. Capacity(kg/h) Max. lineal velocity(m/min) Extruder EPTT(KW)
#106020-63 ASS65/33 220 twelve 55
#106020-63 ASE60/38 460 30 a hundred and ten
#106020-sixty three Twin ASE60/38 460 fifteen times2 one hundred ten
#106020-110 ASS65/33 220 twelve fifty five
#106020-a hundred and ten ASE60/38 460 thirty 110
#106020-160 ASE60/38 460 15 one hundred ten
#106050-250 ASE75/38 600 twelve 160
#1060110-450 ASE90/38 850 eight 250
#1060250-630 ASE90/38 one,050 four 280
#1060500-800 ASE 120/38 one,three hundred two 315
#1060710-1200 ASE120/38 1,450 1 355
#10601000-1600 ASE90/38
1,900 .6 280

Primary parts:
Air cylinder: Festo, EPTC, AirEPTTc
PLC interface and module: EPTT, Schneider, Beckhoff
Frequency inverter: ABB, Schneider, EPTT
Servo motor: Lenze, Delta
Strain sensor: Dynisco, Gefran
Minimal voltage part: EPTT, Schneider, Omron, LS
Temperature controller: Omron, RKC
Sound condition relay: Crydom, Celduc

Main ExtruEPTT3D information:
A, EPTT groove in between feed throat and screw to increase output very
B. Correct temperature manage method on feed EPTT to match distinct plastics
C. Special screw layout to accomplish increased plasticizing and goods quality
D. EPTT of substantial torsion equilibrium to recognize stable running
E. H condition body to reduce vibrating
F. PLC (Simatic Multi Panel) procedure panel to make sure synchronization
G. Energy conservation, simple to servicing

About EPTT:
EPTT is a creative organization, concentrating on R amp D of plastic extrusion method, and providing the equipments and remedies for plastic pipe, profile, tile, sheet and board.
EPTT items fulfill the needs of consumers in a quite immediate way because of to in excess of 25 years of expertise and expertise in plastic extrusion area, which also helps us to lead actively to the success of consumers by offering sustainable solutions that satisfy business demands.
EPTT gives a comprehensive portfolio of help and consulting solutions all the time, from undertaking engineering to personalized finXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ng options, after sales service at its ideal, ongoing manufacturing optimization, coaching and advisory services, even conclude product deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment.

– EPTTized R amp D team involved in plastic extrusion EPTT over 25years.
– Potential to offer the EPT plastic extrusion options.
– Total revenue technique masking the pre-sales, revenue and right after-product sales services work.
– Expert income group with local language sEPTTing capability for EPTT, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Russian marketplaces.

EPTT’S service:
– Pre-sale: we give our customer the detailed technician offer, Format style, H2o/electrical energy/gasoline arrangement. Solution simple marketing and advertising examine, other essential guidance
– In-product sales: we source the details structure, installation instruction, and technician help for the clientele.
– After product sales: we organize engineer to set up the EPTT and teach the personnel for our shopper.
– We have 24 hours support line to fix the following revenue dilemma.
– We have totally free spare components with the EPTT.
– We offer EPTT phrase spare parts for every single client.
– We alwaEPTTupdate the new EPTT to each and every buyer.

Inquiry to EPTT:
In orEPTTto match your requirement and offer you a suitable quotation, make sure you recommend:
– How a lot of layers?
– What is the levels ratio if mutil-levels layout?
– Pipe diameter and thickness scarification
– Application of final solution
– Capability necessity in kg or meter.

Make contact with to EPTT:
Tel:-512 58625715
Fax:-512 58625717
Cellular/hatsApp: -13915722488
Internet site:
Incorporate:No.seven EPTT market park EPTTfeng City EPTTEPTTgang EPTTngsu EPTT, 215628

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  in Padang Indonesia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Single Screw Extruder Plastic HDPE LDPE PE Gas Pipe Extruder Production Line manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler