Tractor Driven Lawn Mow Cost e near me r Gearbox

Product Description

HangZhou CZPT g CZPT ry factory specializes in the production of agricultural machinery gearbox. Products have been exported to Venezuela, Australia, USA, Sri Lanka, India and other countries and regions. Gear box body material is to use high-quality wear-resisting ductile cast iron, the forming of precoated sand casting, gear and shaft is made of high quality low carbon alloy steel, after carburizing and quenching treatment, refined but become, therefore, high product quality, performance is good, flat embellish smooth appearance welcome by users.
RC20A gearbox technical parameters:

power 15-20hp(11-23kw)
ratio 2.83:1( increase gearbox)
input speed 540 rpm 
gears taper gear
bearings   deep groove ball
input shaft 6-1 3/8′ spline shaft
output shaft 33mm in diameter with 10X32 single keys
oil cap 27 oz( 0.8L)

Weight :20Kg
We can make the corresponding gearbox according to the CZPT er’s drawing or request, and also provide the label service.
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