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Product Description


We currently manufacture the T2000 line of lawn mower transaxles. Typical applications include: Lawn Tractors, Walk-Behind Mowers, CZPT Wagons, Lawn Seeders and other similar products. This model also serves as a drop-in replacement for the Dana line of transaxles and they meet or exceed the Dana technical specifications.
We can help you choose the delivery method that is best for your manufacturing needs. We also work with CZPT ers to design and manufacture new transaxle models for your unique applications.



Die cast aluminum housing | Gears Are Sintered CZPT  & Heat Treated | Shift Keys – 2 or 4 keys | Ground CZPT s – up to 5‐Forward & 1‐Reverse | CZPT – 85w140 oil | Axles – ¾” (19.05 mm) diameter | Input Shaft – 5/8″ diameter | Needle CZPT s – Input | CZPT ential | Service Brake | Optional CZPT s on Axles | Neutral Switch ‐ Optional


Output Torque – 150 ft-lbs (203.4 NM) | Input CZPT – 2,000 rpm (max.) | Brake – Either Side of Transmission | CZPT ght over Axles – 525 lbs (238 kg) max.


Provided CZPT .

FeFois working hard to establish itself as the leading supplier of gear-drive transmissions to the lawn and garden manufacturers. We are the unique manufacturer in CZPT , for transmissions and axles, differentials for CZPT ed machines and vehicles.
If you need transmissions or transaxle, differentials from CZPT , weclome to inquire here.