Gear sales Box f Cheap or Brush Cutter

Product Description

Gearbox material: CZPT /Steel
Heat treatment: Carburization
Surface hardness: HRC52-58
Accuracy class: Above 7
Durability: 300h
Power source: CZPT /gas
Color: Grey, orange, red etc.
Type: 2-stroke, 4-stroke, anti-slip, cordless, height adjustable handles
Surface treatment: Powder coating, painting, shot blasting, polishing etc

Our CZPT assembly with the following features:
1. ISO 9001 approved
2. Rugged compact design CZPT
3. CZPT quality and excellent performance
4. CZPT details: White box, then into cartons
5. CZPT orders are welcome with samples.
6. We offer prompt delivery with competitive price.

The gearbox types we have are: φ 26*7T, φ 26*9T, φ 28*7T, φ 28*9T etc.

If you have any need of CZPT products please feel free to send detailed inquiry then I am glad to offer CZPT best price and service for you immediately.

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