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Product Description

SC Transmission Lawn Mower Gear CZPT

The 90ZYJ08 DC Permanent Magnet Reduction Motor consists of a DC permanent magnet motor and a CZPT reducer. It is characterized by compact structure, small size, large CZPT , stable operation, low noise, and can be forward and reversed. It is suitable for driving components in driving devices and actuators in control systems. Such as motorhomes, woodworking machinery, lifting devices, etc.

Product Description


Type V N.m A r/min W cm
90ZY-155    12/24 0.88 34/17 3200 300 155
90ZY-200   12/24 1.5 60/30 3000 500 200


Ratio L*W*H r/min r/min N.m N.m
50:01:00 102*122*56 80 65 22.5 60

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